In the wake of the diesel emissions scandal, how can we even credibly communicate automobility? How can we rethink “Driving Tomorrow” and rally behind it? Our answer: Look at it from a child’s perspective and ask questions about the next generation of drivers! Create an all-over communication experience that inspires curiosity, and invite society to join in on a fascinating journey into the future. Design a campaign that portrays the automotive industry as a sector in transition – and all that without even showing any wheels. Give this sector a real boost of confidence while also portraying it as surprisingly approachable and even vulnerable. Spark a meaningful dialogue around people and technology. And perfectly combine a campaign with an opening ceremony. This is our take on the IAA!


Verband der Automobilindustrie e. V.


Arian Rassoul


Johann Sebastian Hänel


Creation & realization of the nationwide visitor communication campaign

Conception, planning & realization of the opening ceremony