Not dogmatic, always visionary. Always for Mother Earth. Always keeping an eye on the three pillars of sustainability.  All eco! All social! All fair! All the way. From planning, over conception to implementation. IRL and digital. The logical consequence: our certificate for being a Sustainable Partner by visitBerlin, which means that what we practice ourselves on the daily gets a green stamp – hello bike and public transport, hello own wall box in front of the office door, hello flat hierarchy.

Take the regulations of the Federal Environment Agency for the implementation of sustainable events as guideline. Distribute sustainability criteria in detail across all trades. Make the preliminary results legible as a sustainability barometer. Want to check the adjustment screws of sustainability? And plan events more sustainably? Simply fill out our checklists:

Catering /// Organiser: in /// Location /// Hotel

Decoration & booth construction /// Technology /// Agency ///

Make sustainability not only plannable, but also measurable? We developed our own tool and  for the evaluation of sustainable events and offer this service uniquely in Germany. We  give advice and make events analyzable from all aspects of sustainability. The results can be displayed in diagrams, for quality management or to communicate them externally. This is how sustainability works with authenticity.


The whole world


sustainably shaping.


VATERBLUT reduces the expenditure of electriticy, heat and fuel.


VATERBLUT commits to saving our blue gold wherever possible.


VATERBLUT avoids non-biodegradable Material und is fully digital. Bye bye print outs.


VATERBLUT saves all sources of raw material and loves garbage separation.

Occupational safety

VATERBLUT says safety first. Risks to people and the environment are minimized. Emergency precautions and averting danger are very important both at events and in the company.

Ecological footprint

VATERBLUT works with sustainable technology, mobility and transport concepts.


VATERBLUT remains socially engaged. We shape our world of events and branding with climate awareness.


VATERBLUT setzt auf nachhaltig arbeitende Partner:innen, Dienstleister:innen und Lieferant:innen.


VATERBLUT goes Green IT. Nachhaltiges Datenmanagement ist unser oberstes Gebot.

Our Concept

Team Sustainability

Bernhard Bartz, Gründer und Geschäftsführer + Beauftragter Compliance

Joachim Bartz, Gründer und Geschäftsführer + Personalbeauftragter

Lucas Krusius, Sicherheits- und Datenschutzbeauftragter

Yanni Bartz, Nachhaltigkeitsbeauftragter + Umweltbeauftragter + Diversity Management